Top Features:
  • Exclusive Vacuum Cooling Design
    • Drying occurs in the top tiers of Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryers. Vacuum-cooling is accomplished in the bottom screened sections. Vacuum-cooling recovers heat during the cooling process,  so the Sukup Mixed- Flow Dryer is more fuel-efficient than traditional pressure cool dryers.
  • Exclusive Single Unloading System
    • The patent pending design of Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryers allows both columns to discharge into a single conveyor unloading system. Competing units require two or three conveyors, making the Sukup unloading system much simpler.
    • Auger or Drag-Chain conveyors available
  • QuadraTouch Pro controls w/ Smart loop Moisture Control
  • Optional Conveyor Unloading w/ Static Sampling

The Sukup Mixed Flow dryer is the only one on the market that combines the excellent grain quality of a mixed-flow dryer with the vacuum-cooling efficiency of a tower dryer.  The result is high test-weight grain while burning less fuel per bushel dried.  Maintenance is also reduced with Sukup Mixed Flow dryers because there are no screens that need to be cleaned on cool, damp days.





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Sukup Mixed Flow

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