Sukup Grain Bins

Get the right Sukup grain bins for your setup. When comparing grain bin roof ratings, take note of the snow loads the ratings are based on. Some companies are claiming an 8000 lb peak load rating, but are basing their roof ratings on 30 psf snow loads. Sukup has a 5000 lb peak load rating with a 40 psf snow load. Looking at the chart below, it’s plain to see that, if you compare apples to apples, the Sukup roof is much stronger (12,276 lb. equivalent roof load on a 36′ bin and almost 18,000 lb. equivalent roof load on a 48′, using the 30 psf snow load) than our competitor’s, who is claiming an 8000 lb. peak load with a 30 psf snow load.

  • All roofs are made from high-strength G90 galvanized steel.
  • Each roof sheet is rigidized every 4” to increase the stiffness of the panels.
  • 3” ribs strengthen the sheets
  • Sukup roofs are supported every 9 3/8” at the eave by double-tab roof clips.
  • 5000 lb. roofs are capable of carrying a 40 lb/ft² ground snow load and can withstand up to 90 mph wind gust speeds.
  • 54’ & 60’ diameter bins come standard with our 15,000 lb. commercial roof.
  • The fill hole on Sukup Bins is an extra-large 38” that provides 8 ft² of air exhaust area.
  • The double-domed fill hole cap is mounted on steel rods to allow it to slide open and closed, yet prevent it from being thrown around on windy days.
  • The manhole opening measures 20” x 35.5”.

Sukup Grain Bins

  • 27′, 30′, 36′, 42′ or 48′ diameter
  • 13,076 – 60,934 bushel capacity


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Sukup Grain Bins

Sukup Grain Bins Include:

  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Perferated Floor with Supports
  • Inside and Outside Ladders
  • Power Sweep Unload

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Grain Bins