Sukup Fastir Stirring Machine

The most efficient way to dry grain is to add heat, but you run the risk of over drying the grain. A stirring machine is essential to prevent this.

Stirring mixes the driest grain at the bottom of the bin with the wetter grain toward the top, resulting in more uniform moisture content. University tests show less than 1% variation from top to bottom in stirred grain.

Stirring also loosens grain, reducing static pressure and increasing airflow, so grain dries more quickly and efficiently. University tests show using a stirring machine in wet grain with powered spreader increase airflow by 33%

The Sukup Fastir™ Stirring Machine is simply the best stirring machine available. Patented mechanical reversing makes the Fastir™ trouble-free and constant pitch augers move more grain than the graduated pitch augers of other stirring machines.



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